Our 5 step research process

Up to three months of work goes into gathering and analysing information for our customers

We use a 5 step process to make sure our reports are as comprehensive and accurate as possible:

  1. We carry out more than 25 conversations with executives in the industry to help us identify the most important needs of the business. We also survey hundreds of stakeholders to make sure we capture the needs of the industry.

  2. We carry out at least 20 interviews with industry experts and a range of stakeholders, and survey thousands of targeted contacts. We then work with expert authors to write a report collating our findings.

  3. A minimum of three industry experts review our draft report to check that it's accurate.

  4. Proof-readers and copyeditors make sure the report is error-free, clear and easy to read. Our designers then perfect its layout and look.

  5. After a final review, we deliver the report directly to our clients' inboxes.

The result? Robust information, analysis and critical recommendations to make sure our clients stay one step ahead.