Career Development

“Working at FCBI is better than an MBA”

With us, you’ll receive a detailed and rounded business education, both within the business and through formal external training.


Real-world experience and support

The FCBI work environment offers plenty of opportunities to develop skills, and you can expect lots of on-the-job learning, supported by experienced and highly talented mentors.

A fast-track to business expertise

Whatever path you take in our organisation, you’ll develop business skills that put you head and shoulders above your peers at the same stage of career development . That includes the ability to use your judgment to make business decisions in different environments and situations.

Why do we do this?

If the people we employ are working more effectively and more productively to produce better results on the same systems as our competitors, we have an advantage.

By ensuring our staff are given training in the fundamentals of the workplace early on in their career, we feel they’ll be best placed to meet their potential.

The name of the game is continuous improvement. To facilitate that FCBI operate a 70-20-10 split to L&D, where

  • 70% is on the job. I.e. you’re doing things yourself from day one
  • 20% is with a mentor. This could be your manager, an experienced team member, or a peer. Part of your development should be striving to become a mentor, and taking on further responsibility.
  • 10% is formal. E.g. in a classroom environment