What We Do

We help people connect and learn from each other

Getting people together

Our events are exactly that… our events. Each one is independent, impartial, and built from the ground up through extensive in-depth research, whether it’s a tightly-focused niche-interest meeting, or a large-scale industry summit.

Making connections online

Today’s business relationships are built online as well as face to face. We offer our clients tools and techniques to do business virtually. From webinars, our own networking forums and third-party social networks to mobile applications, if it helps people connect, we’ll be early adopters.

A hub of knowledge

Our websites are the core of our activities. Each one offers a wealth of research-based articles about the areas we work in, created by a global network of expert contributors. It’s not just dry news, either – we focus on editorial and opinion pieces to keep readers engaged as well as informed.

We get information others can’t

To help our clients determine their strategy, our teams research the most difficult business questions. Whether it’s studies on the progress of emerging technologies, data on fast-moving markets, or updates on regulatory change, we’re always up to speed.